Listening to podcasts

During my morning commute I was listening to Nick’s podcast episode with Edlyn, and regardless of audio quality, the episode was a fun listen. It reminded me of the blogging era when everyone talked about and reflected on their days.

Among the this-is-what-I-had-for-lunch-today you’d have sandwiched nuggets of very interesting and unfiltered thoughts.

And these unfiltered thoughts are what’s most interesting if the person’s view resonates with your own wavelength. Or if it’s the right Venn diagram ratio. Where you have enough overlap to relate and enough contrast to learn something new and see the world through a new lens.

There’s so much to externalize, and it’s when you unfilter where you can have really interesting conversations. Interesting from the angle of, “this is a conversation I haven’t had before. These are thoughts that don’t fall into a dewey decimal system of previously experienced thoughts.

Then there’s also the theme of making things. Nick is making apps; Edlyn Prompt and books. There’s also the podcast itself. And all of these outputs are expression exercises to help us reflect on the world and how we experience it all.