Experience Paths

I had two conversations this week around the idea of comparing yourself to others.

This happens when you see someone that you consider to be similar to you in some way, most likely in age. You look at their accomplishments, then you look at your own accomplishments, then a wave of anguish washes over you.

How are we the same age, while they are more successful than me?

The reality is that the paths aren’t the same. You aren’t the same person. You haven’t made the same choices. It appears to be the same when looking through the dimension of age. But it’s hard to know what advantages or disadvantages both lives had to overcome to cross paths.

If you could magically arrive at the same success state as this other person, would you want to live their life? Would you want to make the same choices and sacrifices they made to have what they have now? Which of your experiences would you give up and trade to have it?

These types of comparisons are hard to avoid sometimes. They come up when someone’s success unexpectedly comes across your radar.

Is there any value to them? Only if helps you reconsider what is possible. If it inspires you to think differently about your future choices. If it inspires rather than instill dread and regret.