Two Weeks of Staying Connected

Staying Connected

For the past two weeks, I made an effort to reach out to folks that I haven’t talked to in a while.

I went through all my contacts and made a list of people that I miss talking to. While I didn’t succeed in talking to an old friend every day, I got a lot out of each chat and learned how integrate this new habit into my days. Here’s what I learned about the process:

  • It’s not hard, but it needs to be a conscious effort. If someone isn’t in my day-to-day, it’s easy let too much time pass in between chats.
  • It’s worth it. I get as much out of it as I do from reading, writing, and working on side projects. It’s a different lens of reflection and inspiration.
  • Everyone’s schedule is different, so it’s easier to pick up conversations with some than others.
  • Phone calls and video chats are easier logisically, and they can be just as rewarding as in-person conversations.
  • It can take up a week to coordinate time to chat.

Things to try next

  • Move the conversation over to text message as soon as possible. Coordination is faster over text than in email and other forms of direct message.
  • A more realistic goal for the near term is to talk to a couple of people a week, rather than someone every day.
  • Take notes and send them out afterward so both sides can build on the conversation next time. At the risk of being too formal, it might be worth trying this to see how it affects a series of conversations.