The Three Life Pillars

A few years ago, I categorized the things that affect my life into three giant groups. The idea is that I could use these groups to see where stress and unpredictability was happening in my life.

The stress could come from work, family/friends, and health.

Each vaguely represents what I do, who is around me, and how I am physically and mentally.

The observation around these three pillars is that life is mostly okay when any single one of them is off-kilter. If my health is in a bad place, but I still have the support of family and friends and can work, then I’m still okay.

When I have two pillars that are off-balance, life is more challenging. I am handling unexpected challenges in two different areas. If I have some sort of stress happening on all three pillars, things are very real.

I frequently keep a temperature check on how I’m doing in all three areas. Am I too comfortable at this moment? Are there too many things that need my attention? Should I try to stabilize one while I continue to work on another pillar? They are a set of questions to balance long and short term challenges to make sure that I don’t burn out.