Francisco Hui

Hi there, I’m a product designer based in NYC.

I write about design, management, and education.

If you are interested these and related topics, I’d love to chat more. Send me a Twitter DM @franciscohui

Current Projects

Past Projects and Problem Spaces


  • Applying user centered design to create a new set of API endpoints
  • Simplifying an asset management workflow for a media company
  • Designing a P2P mobile payments iOS app
  • Translating an iOS app into an Android app
  • Hopscotch: A visual programming environment for anyone learning to code. I helped redesign the iPad from the first version into an experience that included more direct manipulation between the editor and the compiled applications. I really enjoyed:
    • Defining a new mental model for a really complex set of interactions
    • Designing for 8-12 year old kids and conducting research with them
    • Working closely with the founders and working on a small team. There were five of us!
    • Seeing all the apps, games, and messages that kids create
  • To.Be: A browser based canvas for mixed-media creations. I helped refine the experience and interface for a set of paint, video, gif, and audio tools. I really enjoyed:
    • Building a consistent set of tools for different media
    • Understanding how different creative applications affect the aesthetic of the finished pieces
    • Defining the use cases for a new tool that was so different from other existing tools
  • Scholastic: A dashboard for parents and teachers to manage a child’s bookshelves and understand their reading comprehension.


  • Prior to my current roles as product designer, I spent some time doing qualitative trends research at PSFK. I worked with teams of field researchers and interviewed domain experts on specific interest areas for clients. This is where I applied a lot research and synthesis methods to create reports like this Future of Retail report.